Sahco Divan

Jim Thompson Forbidden Colours

Zimmer + Rohde

Andrew Martin Ipanema

Osborne & Little

Lizzo Mare

Lizzo Mare

Andrew Martin Berkeley

Osborne & Little

Andrew Martin Navigator & Engineer

Sahco Shanghai Nights

Nobilis Les Nattes

Jim Thompson Forbidden Colours

Sahco Attitude

Rubelli Sumi

Rubelli Donnafugata

Nobilis Sunrise In & Outdoor

Andrew Martin Museum Camelot Plaster

Pierre Frey Aloha

Romo Delano

Christian Lacroix 2014



bring your furniture to life


A vital element of a piece of furniture is its cover. Bring it to life with one of our upholster fabrics of one of the latest collections.


A new cover will bring a different look to your chair, let your armchair shine in a new light or turn your sofa into a new and unique piece of furniture.


Well selected and professionally executed and your furniture will become an individual masterpiece - a statement of your individual style